The Smallest Stories by Regina N. Lewis

. . . Every man has his mission, which is to leave the world better, in some way, than he found it.
--L. Frank Baum, author of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus


Children's Books addressing social issues and teaching moral values for our times in a magical, whimsical way.

The Smallest Toy Store, A Christmas Story

ISBN-10: 0967258588
ISBN-13: 978-0967258584 © 2005

The Smallest Toy Store front cover
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The holiday is Christmas, the day children dream about all year as they imagine gifts with their names on them. In her charmingly illustrated new book, The Smallest Toy Store, Regina Lewis gently reminds her readers that there are children who face the holiday, and every day, without a place to call home, much less a tree or presents. Join the magical Ms. MerryWood and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
-- Adrian Fogelin, author Crossing Jordan, Anna Casey's Place in the World, My Brother's Hero, Sister Spider Knows All, and The Big Nothing.

How would you prepare a meal and cook it, if you were a homeless child? Where would you safely sleep? The Smallest Toy Store welcomes sockless Jacob and Lillibeth into a warm world very different from their scary homeless life. With an Elder-Fairy who knows all, and a family who never gives up, this story is sure to make you want to cheer, and to volunteer!
-- Jan Annino Godown, Volunteer, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, author of the heritage travel guide, Family Fun in Florida

In The Smallest Toy Store, author Regina Lewis and illustrator P.M. Moore capture both the magic of Christmas and the hope of homeless Lillibeth and Jacob for home, love, and security. This book will make young readers aware of the plight of homeless children within a warm, joyous, and uplifting story!
-- Billy Moore, author Cracker's Mule and Little Brother Real Snake

The Smallest Schoolhouse

ISBN-10: 0977695832
ISBN-13: 978-0977695836 © 2007

The Smallest Schoolhouse front cover
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The Smallest Schoolhouse by Regina N. Lewis and P.M. Moore is a story for all ages. Full of magical toys, young wood spirits, and elder fairies, this is a sequel to The Smallest Toy Store, A Christmas Story. The Smallest Schoolhouse offers the same emphasis on the value of learning as the first book in the series and is an equally delightful read.
-- A.H. Holt, author of Riding Fence, Bianco Sol, and other action-packed stories of the old west.

The Smallest Forest

ISBN-10: 1935083120
ISBN-13: 978-1935083122 © 2013

The Smallest Forest front cover
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The horrible mud pit in The Smallest Forest is a place everyone is forbidden to visit. But what happens when three young pals of Ms. MerryWood decide to travel there anyway? Fans of the two previous Smallest Stories books created by the team of author Regina N. Lewis and artist P.M. Moore will be eager to know the further adventures, following jaunts in the Toy Store and Schoolhouse. New readers will delight in discovering a woodsy flight of fantasy undergirded with heart-felt values, which the Smallest series represent.
-- Jan Godown Annino, Visit Jan's blog


Regina N. Lewis (Ms. Regina), author of The Smallest Toy Store, A Christmas Story, has been writing children's stories, fiction, and health-related articles for several years. In collaboration with her sister, P.M. Moore, The Smallest Schoolhouse is the second in a series of children's books to be published by CyPress Publications. Ms. Regina's children's stories focus on social awareness, education, environmental and/or health issues. She believes that most children can learn the lessons of life by relating to fantasy stories and characters. Much of Ms. Regina's inspiration to write about social concerns, health and educational issues comes from her nursing/medical experiences. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Science in Health Education. She later attained training and certification as a Nurse Practitioner at Emory University. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Ms. Regina loves the South with its beautiful magnolia and oak trees, Spanish moss, brilliant flowers, wildlife, butterflies, birds, lakes, and oceans. She is retired as a Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health Care and resides in Havana, Florida, with her family.


Phyllis M. Moore was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and remained in the Boston and Dorchester areas until the age of eighteen. She joined the US Navy after one year of college and served for twenty years. She received a Masters of Science from Eastern Illinois University in 1996 and is presently working as a computer lab instructor in Illinois. Phyllis has a daughter who often serves as an inspiration for her drawings. She loves the sea and all animals whether they walk, swim, or fly, and have one leg, many, or none at all. She also loves reading, snowy days, and old movies. Phyllis and her sister, Regina, first collaborated on writing projects in their teenage years.


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